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The Deutsche Bahn Group provides mobility and logistics services in over 130 countries around the world. Some 310,000 employees work to ensure their customers have access to mobility and logistics offerings, and they manage the necessary transport networks consisting of rail, overland, ocean and air links. In the passenger transport sector, Deutsche Bahn's trains and buses move over 12.5 million people every day, with upwards of 7 million people using the company's rail services within Germany on a daily basis.

1. Klasse der Deutschen Bahn

Greater focus on different travel-related needs: Flexpreis Business (flexible fare business)

People who travel a lot for work have to be particularly flexible. Available only to bahn.business customers, our Flexpreis Business offering maximises your freedom when organising business trips. It gives you full flexibility for your travel needs and makes sure you can make the most practical decision if you are faced with an unexpected change of plans.
When compared with conventional flexible fare tickets, this business option includes an extended validity period of nine days and especially flexible cancellation terms. Tickets are valid one day before and seven days after the selected day of travel.
In addition, you can exchange or cancel a Flexpreis Business ticket up to 6 months after the last day of validity. This process is straightforward and free of charge.
One more thing:
Since 1 August 2018, Flexpreis Business tickets are now also available for travel in second class.
Seat reservations are automatically included.



Undisturbed travel on all ICE trains: Komfort Check-in (self check-in option)

Did you book your ticket plus ICE seat reservation as an online and/or mobile phone ticket from your LCC travel centre? If you did, then why not try out our new customer service and use DB Navigator to check yourself in when you board your ICE train? Your ticket will not be checked again on the train – not even if a new crew takes over.

How it works:

  1. Open DB Navigator, go to "My tickets" and then select the "Load ticket" option.
  2. Use the next page to enter the order number and your surname, then confirm by clicking "Load ticket".

Your ticket is now downloaded, and you can use the check-in option:

  1. Call up the travel itinerary for the connection in question and click the red Komfort Check-in button.
  2. The train attendants see a message on their terminals telling them that they no longer need to check your ticket.

Relaxed door-to-door travel: City-Ticket with greater scope

We're making travel even easier for you: since 1 August, all Flexpreis flexible fare tickets automatically include a City-Ticket. This additional feature means that if you buy a ticket for a trip over 100 km in length, you can use public transport (bus, tram, U-Bahn and S-Bahn) free of charge in the urban areas where you start and finish your journey. Beforehand, only BahnCard customers' tickets included a City-Ticket.
This public transport offering covers 126 towns, cities and transport associations around Germany, and its validity area is normally the same as a single ticket within the central urban area in question.
  • City-Ticket addition is automatically included in all Flexpreis flexible fare tickets for journeys of 100 km and more.
  • Uncomplicated and environmentally friendly mobility from door to door.
  • Covers 126 towns and cities throughout Germany.
  • Valid on bus, tram, U-Bahn and S-Bahn services.
DB Navigator

The perfect travelling companion can give you real-time information even when you're on the move: DB Navigator

If you have a question about your journey while you're in the middle of travelling, the DB Navigator app is just what you need. Using the "My Trip" option, you always have a clear, real-time overview of your train journey's details such as platform numbers, departure times and arrival times.

The app shows the coach sequence of your train, putting an end to confusion on the platform as you try to find the right spot to board. Now, it's clear what sections of a platform an ICE service's first- and second-class carriages are located at.

New: Travel without interruptions from train crewmembers. When you catch an ICE, the Komfort Check-in function lets you use your journey time just the way you want, i.e. for relaxing or working.

Did you buy your ticket plus reservation for a trip on an ICE service as an online ticket and/or mobile phone ticket via your business travel centre? Then try out our new customer service and check yourself in using the DB Navigator app.



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